Goats for Sale

Hey Sale Policy:

  • Our goats are well tended and given the best treatment we can give. We will stand by our animals for sale but cannot guarantee the health once it leaves our property.
  • If there is any health issue or physical problem with the goat we will give full disclosure before the sale.
  • We will work with you if you are fairly new to goats, however, we reserve the right to refuse any sale when we don’t feel our goats will receive anything but quality care. If you know nothing at all about goats, for the welfare of the animals, we urge you to do some research on goat care before making your first purchase.
  • Payment in full is due at time of pickup and we accept cash or PayPal.
  • Testing may be done at buyers expense. We have a closed herd and do not participate in shows. We will be submitting tests within the next few weeks to WADDL to test the entire herd. We participate in the DHI program with Langston University and submit monthly milk samples.



GA Sky Farm Juanita       ADGA Pedigree

DOB 04/26/2017

Currently in milk. Price $400

She delivered a buckling on 05/13/2018 without any issues. She is a great mother and is trained on the milk stand. We have hand milked her but we use a machine 95% of the time.  She is on DHI milk test with Langston University.


Wether DOB 5/13/2018

This little guy was the first buckling born on our farm. We have yet to name him since we didn’t want to get too attached. He has been wethered and disbudded and is a very friendly goat. He was given coccidia treatment and can be given CDT booster if desired. He will be a fun and loving companion.


Double Durango Diesel    –SOLD–           ADGA Pedigree

DOB 03/12/2016

Proven buck available. Blue eyes and very friendly. He has been very healthy while on our farm. I’ve never had to medicate or do anything besides feed and trim hooves. Udder photo above is of his dam’s udder at second freshening. Photo courtesy of Double Durango Farm.

Price: $550